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KEN VANDERMARK, born 9/22/64 in Warwick, Rhode Island, USA.


Tenor sax, bass clarinet Bb clarinet, baritone sax; Bachelor of Arts in Film and Communications from McGill University, Montreal, 1986). Since the spring of 1986, Ken Vandermark has focused on expanding the possibilities of improvised and composed music. He's worked continuously from the middle 1990's onward- both as a performer and organizer in North America and Europe- and his creative emphasis has been contemporary music that deals directly with advanced methods of improvisation. Vandermark moved to Chicago from Boston in 1989. Since then he's performed and recorded in a vast array of contexts, and with many internationally renowned musicians, touring on a regular basis in North America, Europe, and Japan for more than half of each year. His concerts and numerous recordings have been critically acclaimed both at home and abroad. Past groups of significance include the Vandermark 5, Powerhouse Sound, the Frame Quartet, DKV Trio, the Territory Band, NRG Ensemble, AALY, the Vandermark Quartet, Spaceways Inc., FME, and School Days. Currently, the majority of his work as a composer and improviser has been developed in Made To Break, Side A, Platform 1, Free Fall, and the Resonance Ensemble. In addition, he works on a regular basis with the total improvisation units Sonore, the Peter Brötzmann Chicago Tentet, separate duos with the percussionists Paal Nilssen-Love and Tim Daisy, Lean Left, iTi, and Fire Room. Each year brings additional new projects and collaborations, which expand the range of his work. Vandermark also performs in a solo context. During December of 2008 he recorded his first soundtrack, for the documentary film, Strade d'Acqua (Roads of Water), directed by Augusto Contento. A second soundtrack will be developed during 2011, for another documentary by Contento, this time about Chicago's creative music scene. The material will include performances by Steve Albini, Wayne Montana, David Grubbs, John Herndon, and Rob Mazurek.